v2.0.0 is now available on CRAN.

This is a major update, with several important enhancements and bug fixes.

Most importantly, the package had become so large that we needed to spilt it into several. The latest package version now acts as a metapackage to install the various spinoff packages:

The core simulation components are provided by SpaDES.core), with additonal modelling tools provided by SpaDES.tools). Plotting is provided via quickPlot, and simulation caching methods via reproducible. Additional functionality is provided by the SpaDES.addins and SpaDES.shiny packages.

This release also includes several important bug fixes and and performance improvements.

For a complete list of changes, see the package’s NEWS file.


SpaDES metapackage: https://SpaDES.PredictiveEcology.org

Other SpaDES ecosystem packages:

Predictive Ecology Blog: https://predictiveecology.org/

Canadian Forest Service Adaptation Toolkit: https://www.nrcan.gc.ca/forests/climate-change/tools-resources/17770

LandWeb Demonstration App: https://landweb.predictiveecology.org/Demo/

Examples for R-savvy users:

Copy the linked .Rmd file to your computer. Open it with a text editor or in RStudio, and run all chunks in R. It is not intended to be knitted; knitting will only output the script.


Install development libraries: building packages from source requires the appropriate development libraries for your operating system.

  • Windows: install Rtools.
  • macOS: install Xcode commandline tools from the terminal: xcode-select install.
  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux: ensure r-base-dev is installed.

See here for more details.

Install suggested packages: the fastshp package can be installed with:

install.packages("fastshp", repos = "https://rforge.net", type = "source")

Current stable release

Install from CRAN:


Install from GitHub:

install_github("PredictiveEcology/SpaDES", dependencies = TRUE) # stable

Development version (unstable)

Install from GitHub:

install_github("PredictiveEcology/SpaDES", ref = "development", dependencies = TRUE) # unstable

Getting started

Getting help

Reporting bugs

The SpaDES metapackage simply loads a number of other packages from the SpaDES ecosystem. Bug reports should be reported to the specific package in question rather than the metapackage. Contact us via the package’s GitHub site: